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Visitor Experience and Original Content
We specialize in the creation and development of content and experiences that provide added value to cultural, educational, promotional and marketing enterprises
Story –> Content-Related Experience -> A Positive Impression

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1. What do Visitors Want?
The Curious ones:
• Content-oriented
• They want to study, discover and learn something new
• They are interested in content

The Experience Seekers
• Experience-oriented
• They prefer experience over the content 
• "You bet I was there!"
• They seek thrills and innovation
The Escape Artists
• They want to pass the time
• They see a place as a refuge for entertainment, usually with the kids
The Idealists
• Value-oriented
• They want their children to experience and learn things
• They see the place as an important institution
2. So What is it That We Want?
We want to get as many visitors to come as possible - we want them to have a positive experience, to enjoy themselves - so that they will tell their friends - we want to imprint our venue on their memories
3. It's not that simple to imprint an experience in the memory
There are plenty of other factors competing for the consumer's heart, mind, and pocket. 
Museums, heritage sites, visitor centers, natural and environmental parks
Theater, cinema, performances, sports events
Media – television, internet, radio
*Expenses for average family on culture, entertainment and sports 
(CBS, 2013)
4. Turning Content into a Content Experience
Edutainment – if all you want is the experience – ride a rollercoaster. If all you want is content, look something up on Wikipedia. What we believe in is an engaging combination of the two. 
Content + Experience - Where we want to be
Visitor experience – Your venue's unique content will be expressed throughout the entire tour and at every encounter with your target audience. 
5. What We Offer
• Development of your visitor experience:
• Establishing an annual content experience plan
• Tools for improving the visitor's experience
• Building models for maximizing visitor numbers
• Brainstorming and production of targeted experiences for designated populations
• Development of Knowledge-Based Experiences
• Making content a game: turning content into an interactive experience
• Kits for interactive activities for marketing and instruction
• Creating an edutainment experience
• Brainstorming and Content Strategy
• For annual highlight events
• For venues that wish to break through the glass ceiling
• For the development of content-based business models to maximize visitor numbers
• For cultural and official events
• Lectures and Workshops
• The Sharpener: Bolstering day-to-day creativity
• Visitor Experience: Upgrading the visitor experience in the age of information
• Table of Content: Storytelling and Content Marketing
6. Who can benefit from our services?
Museums * Visitor Centers * Tourist Attractions * Family Recreational Venues * Municipal Authorities * Companies that realize that added value is the name of the game
6. Our Experience
Shlomit Atzaba-Barnea is a content entrepreneur who specializes in development of visitor experiences through content that tells a story. 
As an MA graduate of the Hebrew University in the field of Management of Cultural Institutions, Shlomit also writes and organizes conventions in the fields of culture and content. 
She has accompanied museums, heritage sites, NPOs, government ministries, commercial companies and municipal authroities in their efforts to optimize visitor experiences and convey messages. 
It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen. 

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